upd 06.08.2011   For English visitors: My tough life in Germany!  

Sorry for only dedicating a single page to my SA friends, but you can still go through the other pages, have a look at the pictures and return to the main site by pressing the "index" (return) button. 

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This site it meant to give you an idea about how I live in Germany in the other half of the year, after I have followed the migrating birds back north in April.

The little rural village I live in lies in the south of the province Lower Saxony,  one hundred kilometers south of Hannover, has around 900 inhabitants and the house is right at the edge of it. The nearest (23 000) town is 3 km away.


The little village, 1000 years old                                                                              rape fields in blossom in May


morning mist across the road                                                                           house from the street side


view from the garden side (south)..                                                                              .. and the west side


verandah and pergola                                                                                     view  towards the pond (west)


the driveway to the garage                                                                                        view over the property from the pond


morning mist in the fields ....                                                                                 ..and the little creek across the road

Yes, I could write more details - but then: who wants to read or know all that??